Simple Ways to Brighten Skin Naturally in 10minutes

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The actual skin color of different humans is affected by many substances, although the single most important substance is the pigment melanin. Melanin is produced within the skin in cells called melanocytes and it is the main determinant of the skin color of darker-skinned humans. Exposure to sunlight, loss of pigment, stress, and usage of cosmetic products that contain toxic chemicals can darken the Skin. Learn how to lighten skin fast with the use of Home remedies.

Lighten Dark Skin Naturally DIY

1. How to Lighten Skin with Lemon

Dark patches are hyperpigmentation, a sign of sun damage caused by an increase in melanin production, which happens when the skin is trying to protect itself from exposure to the harmful UV rays. One way to reduce dark patches is to exfoliate regularly, Removal of the surface layers of damaged skin will lighten skin dark spots, then new skin replaces the damaged skin.

Lemon is a natural exfoliator and is a major player to Lighten skin fast in this skin lightening treatment. After cleansing, slice open a lemon, hold one-half and rub the juicy side all over your face, being careful to avoid your eyes. The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) in the lemon encourage exfoliation by sloughing away the outer layer of dead skin cells, improving circulation and stimulating new cell growth. The acids that are found in the fruit, dissolve the old skin cells for the production of the new cells. Leave the juice on for five minutes or less—much less, if the stinging is too much—then rinse off.

The Lemon Juice contains citric and ascorbic acid that is a good source of vitamin c that both have skin lightening properties.

2. How to Lighten skin with Licorice root extract

Licorice is effective to lighten skin fast and whiten the dark spots. This root extract contains Glabridin that is a tyrosinase inhibitor. What this means is that it halts melanin production that causes your skin to become darker.

.Use a cotton ball or a swap, pour a few drops of your favorite licorice root extract on it and apply gently on your face, neck, hands, legs and all the dark areas of the body. to create a thin mask
.Let the mask unleash its benefits for the whole night, while you’re sleeping, and wash off in the morning
.Consider adding a tablespoon of honey in the extract for better and faster results.

3. How to lighten skin by Use of vitamin c: vitamin c is a good skin lightener, it is an excellent antioxidant and research has also shown that it greatly helps in the lightening of the skin and treatment of dry skin. Use of lemon and orange juice as a source of vitamin c is highly recommended that can also be used to make homemade skin lighteners.

4. How to lighten skin using Lemmon turmeric cream: this is an effective way to lighten skin as it treats the dark patches on the skin of the body such as the inner thighs, the elbows, and the knees as well as other areas that have patches and left for about 15 minutes and then rinsed off with water. Both the ingredients of the mixture have skin bleaching properties to lighten the skin. Take note that turmeric tends to stain, so you should put on gloves to avoid staining of your clothes, to remove the turmeric stains from the clothes, apply wet ground sugar to exfoliate the stain from the affected area and then rinse off using cold water.

5.How to lighten skin using Gram flour: It’s suitable for people with naturally dry skin as it helps to moisturize and keep the skin hydrated. Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour, 1 tablespoon of milk cream, 1/2 teaspoon of honey
A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice (just 2-3 drops is enough) together to form a paste and apply it evenly over your face. The mask will dry naturally, leave for about 20 minutes and you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

How to Lighten Skin Permanently

There are very many options that can be used to lighten the skin permanently including the use of a laser, bleaching creams and use of chemical peels. Ensure to have a consultation with a certified dermatologist before you decide which method is best for you. Hydroquinone, their most common ingredient, has been linked to cancer and, ironically, ochronosis, also known as skin darkening.

It is argued, however, that the only true skin lightening agent that is known as hydroquinone that is usually prescribed by a physician and can only be found in a special pharmacy your local area. This agent is applied to small areas individually but cannot be used to be applied to the whole body at once, also some areas will lighten more than others but different strengths can be used. Yikes!

It is also important to note that permanent lightening of the skin is a medical procedure that is reserved for patients with a need for that procedure and may constitute a reason on why you should discuss with your dermatologist. For the patients with skin pigmentation, their immune system attacks the pigment producing cells in the skin causing them to lose all the pigments from the patches throughout the body.

The problem that comes with this procedure is that it gets rid of melanin which is important. This procedure should be strictly be done by a doctor as many of the products offered over the counter may be unsafe or even toxic and can damage the skin in the long run.

Dermatologists do not offer skin lightening solutions for cosmetic reasons as it increases the risk of cancer. Always share your skin problems you may be having with a dermatologist as they can inform you of any safe options that are available for the lightening of the skin and also offer counseling to help you be able to learn on what can help you see the beauty in the skin than to through chemicals or medication

There are huge consequences to abusing of the skin, as the case of many celebrities whose procedure have gone wrong if drugs like hydroquinone is used in higher doses than 2% or over three months of usage, they can lead to pretty negative results or even the paradoxical ones, there have been reports of development of exogenous ochronosis, that is the darkening of the skin permanently that is equally resistant to medications of all sorts.
Overuse of this skin lighteners can cause the pigmentation to build up in the extremities like the fingers, toes, and ears causing them to look mismatched.

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Skin Whitening Home remedies

This is a cheap method where you will save yourself a lot of money by use of natural remedies that effectively brightens the complexion of your skin.

The natural ways of how to lighten skin are mentioned as below;

The yoghurt; this is a by-product of milk that has many nutrients that are good for the skin. Yoghurt equally contains lactic acid that usually has those bleaching properties. The remedies for using this product are good for all skin types.
Gently rub the yoghurt on the surface of your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes like 10 and then wash the rubbed yoghurt off. You can do this once in a day for a month and you will notice a change on the complexion of your skin

However, you can also mix one tablespoon of fresh yogurt with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your body and especially the neck and the face. Leave the mixture on the surface for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with plenty of water. Do this daily for a month and it will improve the complexion of your skin and face leaving it moisturized.

How to lighten skin using the oranges;

What is considered as the most important ingredient in the oranges with regard to skin care is vitamin C, they also have the bleaching properties that can enable the lightening of the skin tones. Regular consumption of oranges can improve the skin tone of the body and also suppleness. The usage of orange can be in two ways to lighten the skin;

Two tablespoons of orange juice are combined with a pinch of powdered turmeric and the mixture is applied on the face before going to bed. The mixture can also be applied on the hands and the legs. They should be washed off after about 30 minutes daily before going to bed.
Two orange pills are ground into powder. A tablespoon of the powdered peels is mixed with a tablespoon of yoghurt making a paste. The paste is applied to the skin and left for about 20 minutes. Rinse off the paste from the body with plenty of water. This greatly helps to lighten spots and other marks on the face. This process should be carried out at least once a week for better results.

How to lighten skin by use of gram flour;

This is one of the best ingredients that is used by people who lighten their skin to obtain a fair complexion as it contains various nutrients that help in keeping the skin very healthy. Using this remedy for every day can help remove the excess oil from the skin giving the skin a natural moisture.

The gram flour should be mixed with a small amount of water making a thick paste
The paste should be applied on the face, hands and the legs
The paste should be left on the applied areas until it dries then washed off with water.

How to lighten skin using honey;

How to lighten skin using honey;


Honey is an important component in bleaching the skin while at the same time acting as a moisturizing agent. Uneven skin tone is due to the drying up of the skin. Honey also has antibacterial properties thus helping fading age spots and acne scars

Honey should be applied on the face, leaving it on for a few minutes and washing eventually with warm water. This remedy helps to remove dead cells of the skin thus making the skin appear brighter and fresher than before, the process should be repeated once in a day.

When teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice with honey and lemon juice, also add a tablespoon of powdered milk and almond oil. They should be mixed well and applied gently on the skin. Leave it applied on the skin for about 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. This should be repeated once daily in a month.

How to lighten skin using Lemons;


Lemons have acidic properties by working also as a natural bleaching of the skin and extremely high amount of vitamin C encouraging the growth of new cell growth. Lemons also have antioxidants that are good for the complexion of the skin.

Dip a cotton ball in a fresh lemon juice and directly apply on the face, also rub a cut lemon directed on the affected skin allowing the juice to stick to the skin. This improves the complexion of the skin also preventing the scars development of scars on the face.

Mix two spoonful of lemon juice with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture on the skin leaving it on for half an hour. Wash the paste on the face with cold water, repeat the process at least twice in a day for two weeks.
Ensure that the skin does not have open wounds as the acidic nature of the lemon juice can cause pain on the open wounds.


Lighten Skin with Aloe Vera gel;

How to lighten skin using Aloe vera Gel;

This alleviates the pigmentation restoring the original color of the skin. Hyperpigmentation causes uneven skin tone.

The cooling effect of Aloe Vera also helps greatly to regenerate new cells and building of damaged tissue that is important for healthy skin. This simple remedy makes the aloe Vera capable of lightening the dark spots on the skin by improving the complexion of the skin;

Cut the outer layers of the aloe Vera by squeezing out the thick forming a jelly like substance
Apply thoroughly the gel on the skin
Leave it on the skin for about 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water
You can repeat this process for at least twice daily for two weeks.

The benefits of lightening the skin naturally include a safe and hazard free naturally brightening. If you lighten skin using an all-natural solution! You would get rid of those brown spots on your skin that had been embarrassing you for so long. The Natural Beauty methods to help to lighten skin is fast, safe and also cheap.



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