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What to Do immediately Foreign Object enters the Eye

Foreign Objects in Eyes
Written by Fidelis Ozuawala

The eye is very delicate to the human body, according to Wikipedia, the eye is among the organs in the human body, with its vitality as a visual system. When a foreign object gets into the eye, it is important to take immediate action while calm to savage the whole issue.

Foreign objects entering the eye could be: eyelashes, dust particle, or tiny piece of sand, chances are it will feel so bothersome that you won’t be able to focus on anything else until it’s removed.

It’s very important that you do get the particles out: in addition to being extremely painful, a foreign object in your eye can also put you at risk for infection. The next time this happens, follow the below health tips immediately.


Foreign Objects in Eyes

Foreign Objects in Eyes

What to Do when Foreign Object enters your Eye

1. Be Calm and Relax: When a foreign object enters your eye, your first instinct will be to rub it, don’t!! well, gently trying to dislodge it is fine if you’re extremely careful.

Wash your hands with soap and water first then clean with a nice towel, thereafter “carefully” is the key word: if you rub roughly, you could end up with a painful corneal abrasion.

You also shouldn’t try to remove a larger object from the eye, anything that appears to be embedded, or anything that has rough edges—if this is the case, go to the doctor immediately.

2. Rinse with clean water: Splashing the object away with clean water typically does the trick for most particles in the eye. Rinse the eye with water at the sink, Or if you’re at home and it’s easier, you might even want to jump in the shower :).

An eye dropper filled with neat water can also help with this- you can also checkout some health products which may be of importance to you.

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3. Visit the doctor: The biggest mistake people make is simply ignoring the foreign object for days. If you can still feel it and you can’t get it out, you probably need to see a doctor. The longer a particle remains in the eye, the greater the risk it could scratch the cornea or become infected. Your doctor can use a bio-microscope (also called a slit lamp) to look into your eye and determine whether or not the particle is lodged.

You should also go to the doctor immediately if you are experiencing pain or redness in your eye after removing the foreign object by irrigation. After the particle has been removed, your eye may feel sore. Your doctor might suggest an antibiotic solution to make sure any abrasions do not become infected.

4. Finally, Protect your eyes: Investing in a comfortable eye-wear can help prevent this issue from happening again in the future. When you’re outside in the summer, wear sunglasses, And if you work in an environment where flying particles are common, such as landscaping or mechanics, it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles.

Dear friend, have you experienced a foreign object in the eye before?- everyone must have experienced even during our childhood stages in life, we know it felt painful, why not take few moments to share the experience in the comment section, let us know how you countered severe issues of such, we may update this topic more often when we receive more contributions, so its necessary, and above all, Receive health tips to combat home hazar

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