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Top 10 Critical Effects & Diseases of Smoking + Photos

Written by Fidelis Ozuawala

Apart from cancer. lungs failure & malfunctioning,  chronic coughs, females growing excessive facial hair, heart and kidney problems and all other sorts, smokers are liable to die very young and to smoking related diseases.

Each time you smoke, you inhale chemicals – Over 4000 different chemicals, worse of it is, the effects don’t come instant, but surely they ‘ll come, Read up Top 10 reasons why you should not be a smoker today!.

Top 10 Reasons and Effects of Smoking & Why should stop

1. Heavy Smokers contracts Cancer

Smoking Causes Cancer

Cigarettes has caused several deaths,  according to CDC (Centers for Disease control & Preventions), every year about 480,000 people die of smoking, it does not stop there, in just America alone, 16 million plus people are living with several diseases caused by smoking. The most traceable cancer caused by smoking is the Lung cancer.

According to our first paragraph above, 4000 different chemical are inhaled each time we smoke cigarette, Chemicals like carcinogen, benzene, tar, cadmium, and formaldehyde can cause leukemia, bladder cancer, cancer of cervix, stomach cancer, and many other forms of cancerous diseases.

2.  Heavy Smokers have infertility

A successful sperm entering the egg .

The presence of nicotine in cigarette, causes erectile dysfunction in men close to their 30’s and beyond, it has been proven medically to cause infertility in both males and females, premature deliveries by pregnant women, while in pregnancy has been proven to damage the brain and lungs of the baby.

3. Heavy Smoker Have Early Adulthood


When a perpetual smoker does not want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, they begin to show traces of gray hairs, wrinkled skins, yellow teeth, black lips, red eyes and even loss of hairs. Biologically smokers look older than their actual age, with very premature boldness and an unkept look.

4. Heavy smokers are very addictive

In some countries public smoking has been banned to save health of masses and reduce the addiction it may pose to the young, when one is addicted to smoking you barely have time for other important activity.

5. Smokers have Bad breadth and yellow teeth

Most smokers always carry mint or gum with them to avoid the unpleasantness of bad breadth. Besides bad breadth, their teeth become yellow over time and make them look unattractive or at times even grotesque. While smokers can minimize these effects by using various over the counter products nowadays, they cannot always insulate themselves from long term outcomes of smoking.

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6. Smokers always have Stomach and kidney malfunction

Smokers often suffer from a burning sensation in their intestines. The reason for this is that smoking amplifies the release of acids and causes ulcers that make your stomach burn in pain. A large amount of carcinogens may accumulate in the urinary bladder and increase the risk of pancreatic cancer as well.

7. Smokers Have Loss or weakening of eyesight

Cigarettes contain many contaminants which can adversely affect your eyesight. People with poor eyesight can experience even more serious results. Aggressive smokers gradually start with the weakening of their vision and in the worst cases they may become completely blind. The toxic effect of smoking leads to macular degeneration and this adversely affects the retina.

8. Smokers Contracts Cardiovascular disease

Cigarette smoke releases carbon monoxide, which over a period of time narrows and stiffens the arteries inside the human heart. This can significantly reduce the oxygen supple in the blood, and thus result in high levels of cholesterol accumulation in the arteries. Cholesterol accumulation can greatly increase the risk of serious medical conditions like heart strokes and paralysis.

9. Smoking Causes Fatigue


The immediate effect of smoking is fatigue and weakness. Since smoking reduces the supply of oxygen in the blood, the energy level of the body remains low and you feel fatigued. Many times we observe that smokers have trembling hands; this happens when optimum oxygen is not transported to the brain and its power to concentrate on day to day chores begins to decline.

10. Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):

COPD is the outcome of chronic bronchitis and emphysema combined. In more than 90 percent cases, these diseases occur due to persistent smoking. As they are progressive in nature, eventually a person affected by them will have to rely on an outside source of oxygen for breathing. The condition is irreversible and puts the patients on breathing machines for a lifetime.

Now, are you a passive or active smoker? – well there is no such thing like passive smoking because every smoker is addictive to it, do not ignore health tips there are even more reasons not to smoke, do tell us your experience and why you smoke (if you are a smoker) we will be waiting to mentor you, you will be opened to receive health updates and opened to living a better life.

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