#Normalizebreastfeeding How to Properly Breast Feed a Baby #BreastFeeding

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#Normalizebreastfeeding: all mothers should learn and practice that #BreastFeeding anywhere, anytime shouldn’t be a thing to be shy about. Just like owning a baby, public or i private, you should never be shy of performing the most connectivity practice between mother and child.

Steps to Properly Breast Feed a New born baby:

Sit or lie back so that your back is supported and you feel comfortable.

Raise your feet or your knees, if you need to.

If you are sitting up, you could use a pillow to take the weight of your baby at first, so your forearms aren’t doing all the work.

If you’re using a laid-back position, use cushions or pillows to support your back and shoulders. Once you’re comfortable, place your baby’s tummy down on your chest and abdomen, and bring your knees up, so that your baby has a surface to push on with his feet. Your body will support your baby and allow him to adjust his position, bob his head, and find your breast.

If you are lying on your side, place pillows under your head. Lay your baby alongside you, with his tummy towards yours. Again, you could bend your knees so your baby can feel them with his feet.

Other positions for breastfeeding your baby could include:

  • the cradle hold, with your baby’s head in the crook of your arm
  • the rugby ball hold, with your baby’s body under your arm
  • the koala hold, where your baby straddles your knees to nurse
  • laid-back breastfeeding, where you lie back, propped up by pillows

How do I latch my baby on to my breast?

Your baby needs to use his tongue to scoop in a big mouthful of breast. His bottom lip and tongue need to get to your breast first, and should touch your breast as far from the base of the nipple as possible.

If you’re sitting or lying down, bring your baby to your breast, so he is facing your nipple, and doesn’t have to turn his head to reach it. His nose, rather than his mouth, should be in line with your nipple. This gives your baby room to tip his head back just before he latches on. He should be leading with his chin, and have an open gape to his mouth. With his head tipped back, his lips will then touch your nipple.

breastfeeding baby

Your baby will respond by dropping his lower jaw.

Depending on your position, you may then be able to help him to move to your breast, so that his bottom lip is as far away from the base of your nipple as possible. In a laid-back position, your baby’s natural reflexes may guide him on to your breast and help him to root for your nipple.

 How does latching on work?

baby feedingScooping in a big mouthful of breast lets your baby draw your breast deeply into his mouth.

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Your nipple will then be right at the back of his mouth, where the hard roof of his mouth gives way to the soft area.

With a mouthful like this, your baby will be able to use his tongue smoothly and rhythmically against the under-surface of your breast. This action removes milk from the ducts.

Your baby’s jaw will move up and down, following the action of his tongue, and he will swallow your milk as it flows to the back of his mouth. This should be painless for you, because your nipple will be so far back in his mouth that it won’t be squashed or pinched by his tongue.

Your baby’s lower gum will never touch your breast, as his tongue will always be between them, and his top jaw does not move.

What other tips will make breastfeeding easier?

Try supporting your baby in one of the following ways:

  • Put your palm behind your baby’s shoulders and your index finger and thumb behind his ears.
  • Gently cradle your baby’s head in your whole hand, so he can still move his head, and guide him with the heel of your hand.
  • Use your forearm, rather than your wrist, to support your baby’s shoulders.

Few Tips to Note when breastfeeding start to cause discomfort:

If you find it difficult to keep your baby’s hands out of your way, try wrapping him in a blanket, so that his arms are lying at his side. You will be able to get him closer to your breast.

If you in a sitting up position and are supporting your breast with your hand to start with, keep your hand as far away from your nipple as you can, preferably back on your rib-cage. Once your breast is supported, keep it still, and only move your baby.

Am sure this tutorial made sense, do not forget the aim of this write-up is about how to properly breast feed your baby, the positions of proper breastfeeding, how to make your baby conversant with feeding on their own, and more of, do not be shy of giving that baby the breast milk, let the love conquer shyness.

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