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30 Important Benefits of Mating On Daily Basis

Benefits of Sex
Written by Fidelis Ozuawala

Mating is a vital aspect in a relationship, important benefits of Mating on daily basis is not only to relief stress, for pleasure, Weight loss or to have a nice sleep, research says – “Sex regularly could increase life-span“, sex daily would make you look  7 years younger and there is even more to it. You must have heard, read or taught about benefits of making love daily but they are not as comprehensive as this list because among its ingredients are Health Tips and Benefits.


Benefits of Sex

Benefits of Sex

30 Important Benefits of Sex On Daily Basis

1. Sex Reduces Stress.

Are you stressed-up after day at work or you’re simply feeling a little overwhelmed, then sex will help you relax and reduce your stress levels! During sex our bodies produce dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which together help us to de-stress thereby increasing our natural happiness levels and enhances desire.

2. Sex Relieves the Body of Pain Naturally

According to our point 1 above, sexual intimacy produces the hormone oxytocin, which can help in reducing the stress. Oxytocin also builds trust among couple and bring them together. It also increases the flexibility perhaps even more than yoga.

3. Sex Makes You Look younger

You wonder how has sex made couples younger? its not about the Sex or Health Products they are using rather it about how right it went.

Sex burns down calorie in the system, a form of exercise hence research has already proved that sex may increase life span and make the couple look 7 years younger.

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4. Sex could cure Cold in the body

Most African Singles would agree that sex is a greater option for couples during a very cold weather. Sex raises the level of blood flow through out the body and the heart, boosting sweating – the longer the sex period the better, keeping the body warm through out the exercise and curing cold.

5. Sex Is An Enjoyable Exercise.

When faced with the word ‘workout’ many of us will recoil in horror, unless of course that workout involves sex. Throughout sex our bodies are continually experiencing physiological changes that are consistent with an exercise routine. Our breathing rates rise which in turn burns calories, which means that if you have sex just three times a week you can burn around 7,500 calories a year. That’s the same as running 75 miles! Like with exercise, consistency helps maximize the benefits.

6. Sex Ensures for a Healthy heart

The research conducted by the New England Research institute declared that men who had frequent sex were 45% less likely to experience the heart diseases. According to scientific statement issued by the Association, it is probably safe for having sex if your cardiovascular disease are stabilized.

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7. Sex Strengthens the Immune System

During sex, antigens like immunoglobulin A are released which are proven to fight the common cold and even flu! Even more good news: the more frequently you engage in sex the more antigens will be released and the healthier you’ll get.

8. Sex Boosts The fertility

One of the Benefits of Sex according to studies: the more often you make love, the better quality your sperm will be. If you’re trying to conceive, you increase the volume of semen if you have sex regularly. Regular sex replaces old sperms from the testicles. If there is a natural build of sperms it can lead to DNA damage. Keep sperm fresh and in tip-top shape by having sex everyday, and not only around the time of the woman’s ovulation.

9. Sex Eases cramps during periods in females

Many women say period pain diminishes if they do the deed during a cramp attack. One theory why is that muscle contractions that occur when you reach peak levels of excitement relieve tension in the muscles of your uterus – the ones that cause menstrual cramps – therefore easing the pain.

10. Sex Boost Chances of conceiving babies

According to our step 8 above, sex replenishing a man’s sperm also plays a vital role for women. Frequent sex has also been found to help balance a woman’s hormones and regulate her periods, which can further boost chances of conceiving.

11. Sex Increases life span

Love making leads to a longer life span among couples, as it reduces the stress and helps to lead a happy life. It is considered a healthy exercise which can skip the daily work out at the GYM. Hence gives a healthy heart from regular sessions.

12. Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

Even if it’s just a quickie, some forms of physical contact can improve your blood pressure significantly. A study conducted found that sex reduces diastolic blood pressure – which is the bottom number on a blood pressure reading – making us healthier all around.

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