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How to Avoid Mouth Odour | Ways To Fight Bad Breath

Written by Beatrice Peter

Mouth odour (bad breath) is known as  Halitosis, which result from poor dental habits. You can’t blame anyone or yourself, at times the food you eat can lead to mouth odour. Here are the tips for preventing yourself from having mouth odour.

People who often complain of their mouth generally smelling like mothballs generally face a very embarrassing situation in social environment.

Reasons & ways to prevent mouth odour

Poor dental hygiene

If you are not brushing or flossing your teeth regularly, it is obvious that you will have to face poor dental hygiene. Not brushing your teeth will ultimately lead to bad breath and various other problems. Also it is very important to clean your dentures, if you are wearing any. You need to take care of your dentures as there are chances of food particles to get stuck on it which will further result in bad breath.

Avoid foods like garlic and onion

You should avoid eating foods like garlic and onion because they generally lead to release of bad smell from your mouth. Also these foods are related to gastrointestinal upset and get absorbed in the main stream of blood which results in outcome of bad smell through mouth. You should always eat fruit based foods like you are always on diet.

Medical disorders

If you are on particular medicines there are chances of your breath to smell like mothballs. Interestingly, some disorders don’t have a direct relation with halitosis, like sinusitis, but they can definitely contribute to mothball breath. Any person suffering from liver disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis has higher risk of releasing bad smell.


Some people don’t know, but yes, medication can also lead to breathe smelling bad. If you are taking medicine for longer period of time than there are chances of releasing bad smell through mouth. Medicines that help to treat hypertension can also lead to make your mouth smell like mothballs. One of the common side effects of antidepressants or antihistamines is dry mouth that always contributes to bad breath.

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Ways to treat your bad breath

Brush your teeth regularly and after you eat

You should brush your teeth regularly and most important thing to remember is you should brush your teeth after you have your meals. It is also advised to use toothpaste that are fluoride in it and must concentrate on brushing your teeth for at least 2-3 times a day.

Brush your tongue

It is very important to brush your tongue along with your teeth. Your tongue contains different type of bacteria which gives out odor. However, this can be reduced by brushing your teeth regularly. It is advised to use a tongue scrapper to get rid of the germs accumulated over your teeth.

Avoid dry mouth

You should always avoid having a dry mouth because it becomes an area for bacteria to breed in which results in bad breath. Make sure you keep your mouth hydrated always and avoid taking any kind of alcohol or tobacco. You can consider chewing gum to stimulate saliva to keep it hydrated.


The foods that you eat remain in your mouth until you brush your teeth and floss your mouth. If these food particles are not removed from mouth, they get rotten inside which leads to bad smell through breath. A bacterium that is formed inside your mouth generally leads to decaying of teeth and also gums.

Try above tips and let us know if it works for you. Always drop a comment, Health and Beauty Tips will attend to you.


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